Hi Folk!
I am a web developer passion to deliver happiness to people through websites.
I love to build something fun and matter with great UI. A great product comes with joy and happiness, and it’s meaningless if not presented well.
I interested in Functional Programming and Clean Code. Also blog my development experience sometimes.¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Next Showtime

A movie showtime checking site, comes with additional movie data (e.g., imdb score).

Using showtime data from ShowtimesTH, additional movie data from OMDB. Enhance content serving and search speed by Algolia.


Atomic Design with Next.js

@React Bangkok 2.1.0

Introduction to Next.js talking about what, why, and how.

Also talks about Atomic Design, what it is, and how we adobt these 2 things together.

Testing React Application

@React Bangkok 3.0.0

Talks about testing and why we should have it. Explore forms of tests and where we should focus.

Guide about test concept and perspective, showcase testing tools that will improve the test.